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Things are coming Together

This month has already started of with an amazing start, with me taking my Photography on Full Time and being able to spend much needed time with good people that love and support me everyday. In this life its such an amazing feeling to have so many good people around that help me get to New and higher places that i could have never even imagined by myself.

I am about to start a big project that I am looking forward to and can't wait to tell you more about in the coming weeks. Also Full Frame is this week!! If you Love Documentaries and you love Film Festivals. Full Frame is the place for you! There are always so many amazing Docs that you would have never had a chance to otherwise. This will be my 4th year as a Full Frame Photographer and I cannot wait!

The other day I took a short day trip to nowhere and man if i did not have the best time just driving to nowhere and then taking the back roads home! I love taking the scenic route because you never know what you will find! Here are a few photos that I took on that drive.

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