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Its 2015! Its a New Year…Its going to be a new Me!

This is going to be the year of change for me. This year i am going to dive head first in my career of Photography, I want to do so much in this world with my work and i want to try new things that i don’t think i would have in the past. If i have to break some bones along the way, So What! Change is good, Change is needed!

So here are a few things that are going to be a Focus for me this year…

The first thing that is going to change for me this year is: “my focus on photography” This year I need to put more focus on the things i love to do, and the things i aspire to do. In the past what i have done is focus on ways to acquire more and more things, weather they be things for my photography or just things that i thought i needed (more so this one). And what did that get me? a lot of crap that i never really use and nowhere to put it! Its nice having what you want but as much as i try to get the things (mostly electronics) I wanted to fill the boredom of not being able to go out and create and do what i really wanted with my photography because i felt trapped in a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) environment, It never really worked. I just ended up feeling even more empty because now i was broke! So this year I am sticking to a plan of not spending money on anything unless it involves: Photography, Travel or living. I can’t afford to keep putting off the things that i need to become a better photographer.

Next up is a focus that has always been there but, now i feel is the right time to learn more about it: “Cinematography” Last year some very talented friends I have and I were talking about ways that we could beef up or portfolio and Reel, and we came across the idea of shooting a short film that involved some different and intresting lighting effects and camera angles. So I came up with the idea behind the short and a friend wrote the script. We did not end up shooting it just because there was no time because of Jobs and friends moving away for school,but the script was done. At the start of January I started thinking more and more about this script and how i really want it to get made, so i started reading up on DSLR filmmaking; a book called “DSLR Cinema: Crafting The Film Look with Video”. My thoughts were that i have an amazing Photo camera that shoots 1080p video and I’m not using it! as i read more and thought about the “short” what came to me is a subject that is very close to photography that i would love to learn more about, Cinematography! This year i want to really focus on learning about the art of Cinematography. Focusing on cinematography is only going to make me a better photographer in the long run. Working with light and finding different lighting effects to get the shadows that i want has always been a passion in my photography, and i can improve that by studying cinematography.

My next focus is a focus on “New and different adventures in life” In order for my career to improve and be where i would like it to be, I have to change my surroundings. You can’t Change if you keep doing the same things. I love this city i am in. Raleigh is like a little pocket of a fast growing city for technology companies and engineering firms. Unfortunately for what i want to accomplish with my craft at this moment i don’t feel that there is room for me to grow. And the only thing i can do to grow is to leave and search of bigger and better places that i will have more chances for my career. So I have decided to try my hand at Chicago! Its always hard to leave where you grew up and where you have made connections, but just know that “Home is Only a Plane Ride Away”

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